Monday, July 9, 2007

The new topic this week as you said: Tired.

for me, the most tired thing is like this on the photo i draw.
wherever in the office or outside, even you have a bad mood,
you still have to smile, you have to try to calm down to control the temper,
you can not bring your personal temper to others.

that is the most tired thing to me.



great drawing....what the hell are they saying????

( =__=)/

Rola Cola said...

They talked about office talk, like
A: hey! did u know yesterday, urs department got a big case!!hey, tell me whats going on! which case??

B: oh yea, i know that, really great.....ahmm..,which case....
( but B actually have a super bad mood today, but still have to smile)
That's super tired thing to hide the temper in office.
I think u also have same experience

Alexei Martins said...

Wow!!! Nice work!!!!


it's a great sketch... nice line.
i'm sure people do get tired trying to smile while having a bad day, that's hard work and sometimes we can't accomplish it.
P.S. i would like to join... may i?

Pusha V said...

Now this is awesome! I like your style on this one.