Friday, August 24, 2007

More Hotness

I did these in the same day that I did the Heart Queen sketch.
The top 2 images were done in photoshop 7 when I created my digital sketching brush.
The 2nd version does not have the undersketch in the image. The 3rd picture is one of my mastercopies from Pino. On the last image (Pino mastercopy) I forgot how I did my master copy works. I have more pino suff on my blog and also in my cgtalk sketchbook thread.
Click on the images to enlarge.
Click here to go to my CGtalk thread (56k prepare to make a sandwich)

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So far I am on a roll painting.
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Leon And Michelle said...
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G1toons said...

nice stuff i have not posted in a minute i have a lot of stuff i have to photoshop but work is choking me right now, do you need photoshop cs2, or o you just prefer 7?

Rola Cola said...

actually sometimes i confused that the photoshop 7 and cs2 almost same..
someone can tell me that what is different??
when i always use photoshop 7

Pusha V said...

Rola nothing is really different in ps7-cs3. the bush engine is about the same you may get more features in cs2-3 with the scatter smudge and new morphing abilities. It is like adobe illustrator 10 and CS2. I have them both and there is no real change. Adobe and Corel hype their products just to make you waste your money. I have like 3 photoshops 5.0le, 5.5, and 7. I stuck with 7 because I was able to make my own brush. Adobe needs a rotae canvas tool like painter and opencanvas. But I know they will add that in the future just to make you buy the latest and greatest when they should provide a free patch for that.

G1toons. Yeah I just got comfortable with 7 and all photoshops can do about the same in general. I followed tutorials from people who made brushes in ps cs3 and applied them in 7 lol. I will prolly up grade when photoshop 15 comes out lol or when my 7 is not supported by a new operating system. Which in return forcing people to spend more money for the same stuff lol. Capitalism at its best.

Rola Cola said...

he he he h eh he thx Pusha, i agree, that all because sometimes i saw the people said cs good to use, but i tried once that can not feel any different. that just can say spent more money to do the same thing.
btw, i saw u say the coreldraw,
yea, the coreldraw painter also have lots brush can chosed, but i dont know how to control that, a bit difficult.(that should be say the coreldraw is good to the vectors)
painter..., i dont have painter.
so i always use the photoshop.

G1toons said...

yeh you are right there is no big big difference, i was forced in a way as when was in school they would upgrade every program every week
one of the main reasons why i get the "student" copy programs


nice art line Pusha, i like that colour on her hair....looks great man!